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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, CASSANDRA CASSAVANT who was born in New Hampshire on January 01, 1986 and passed away on August 03, 2007 at the age of 21. We will remember her forever.

  We here on earth will never be the same we will always wish you could have moved on from this heartache and phyceache ant be with us.

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Tributes and Condolences
You left far to soon.   / Michael Stoneman (Friend/brother in arms )
Cass, I feel the loss of you as every year passes. You have never faded from my memory, and I promise you never will. I will forever remember the nights of sitting on the balcony outside your room drinking beers and giving the privates in the re...  Continue >>
Why?  / Emily London (I feel sorry for her DAUGHTER )
I saw her memory page on Facebook and now here... Why? She left her DAUGHTER without a mother. So did mine, and that is not something to be remembered or celebrated. I'm a mother now myself, three teenagers, and on my WORST days of depression (many d...  Continue >>
:(  / Grace Dodd (cousin/sister)
First of all i just wanted to say girl your a bitch! But i love you! Its hard to think that your gone for good you said that you would always be thir for me you were my big sister! The good times we had still lingure in my head you make it hard for m...  Continue >>
We didn't know...   / Jennifer Ward (Friend)
Dan and I just found out today what happened to you, Cass. You were such a great friend to us in AIT and you helped us get through a lot of junk... You were so kind and warm, always wanting to help others. You have a beautiful soul... I remember the ...  Continue >>
Missing Cassie   / Mindy Norton (1/2 Brother's Mother )
 Cassie touched my life when she was young. But I have always thought of her even though we didn't see or speak to each other. Cassie you grabbed a piece of my heart years ago and it to this day is with you. I never relised how much you touched ...  Continue >>
mis u  / Mark H. (dad)    Read >>
WHY / Christine Hensley (mother)    Read >>
Christmas / CHRISTINE HENSLEY (mom)    Read >>
My Angel  / J.C. Cleveland (Friend)    Read >>
She is with the STARS!  / Rebecca Richard (Friends forever )    Read >>
love you like my own sister  / Melissa Phelps (classmate and friend )    Read >>
miss you  / Monique Ruiz (friend)    Read >>
MISS YOU  / Christine Hensley (MOTHER)    Read >>
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Her legacy
What just can be a legacy, from a life given up on, by a person who has given up too soon, before all the possibilitys have been exhausted. All the possibilitys even thought about, or exhausted. What too say to the daugher left behind all I can do is move on like it or not. I must hold on to the girl who didnt want to do drugs not even consider to be swallowed up by them. I must hold on to the person who whould do anything for anyone at any time. God only knows how this will all end only God will be here after it is all said and done God is faithfull to those who trust and obey.
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